About us

Prafis is a branch of Hessegim Software Ltd ("the Company"). Since 1995, the Company has been actively engaged in developing and marketing fixed-income software (Triple-A) in Israel.

The Company's clients are mostly domestic institutional investors, the biggest money managers in the country, commercial banks and local branches of leading international banks. The software is used by insurance firms, mutual and pension funds, investment houses, government and public agencies, universities as an aid in performing high-level analysis and in making investment decisions.

The Company is part of the team that provides valuations of domestic non-listed cash debt to all regulated institutional investors in the country.

Prafis is our first product to incorporate foreign bonds, using the US & European markets as our starting point. We expect the offering to grow rapidly, include a broader base for international markets, enhance functionality and scope of analysis, and expand to include additional types of bonds and other fixed-income instruments.

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